- bringing lipid knowledge to the personal care industry

At AAK ACADEMY™, we promote understanding that helps the industry to develop in a safe, responsible and sustainable direction.


AAK ACADEMY™ now offers a larger selection of courses for our customers in the personal care industry. Courses range from basic lipid know-how, which focuses on lipid chemistry, sustainable processing and functionality in different applications, to more advanced courses in lipid crystallisation and rheology.

The courses are available at various locations around the world.

Important topics:

  • Skin health
  • Lipids – essential skin nutrients
  • Vegetable derived, renewable sources
  • Sustainable processing
  • Shelf life optimisation
  • Optimal emollient blend for skin care
  • Creating texture by combining waxes and emollients
  • Consistency and skin feel
  • Crystallisation and rheology
  • Lipid based emulsifiers

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